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To become one of the top General Sales Agents in the country.

To optimize individual potential and to improve company productivity.

In April 1971, TRAVEL WIDE ASSOCIATED SALES PHIL., INC. (TWASP) was officially incorporated to be the General Sales Agents (GSA) of its mother principal, TRANS WORLD AIRLINES.

Since then, TWASP has endeavored in expansion programs that would continually enhance the quality of its service in the industry, and would likewise promote the country as one of the premiere tourist and travel destinations in Asia.

TWASP, as a Company that represents different international products, is primarily anchoring its services in the airline industry and is gradually expanding into land and sea travel, hotel and car rental services.

In 1972, the Company introduced its placement department to handle the recruitment of nurses and seamen for overseas employment until the government's Overseas Employment Development Board (OEDB) was created in 1975.

TRAVEL WIDE became the GSA for SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES in 1975, for ROYAL BRUNEI AIRLINES in 1979, for ALOHA AIR in 1985 and for HOLLAND AMERICA cruises in 1994.

TRAVEL WIDE aims to provide its market - comprising a vast network of local and international travel agents utilizing all modes of land, air and sea travel to premiere destinations - all its customers' travel needs.

To date, TWASP concentrates itself in servicing its major airline principals namely: Saudi Arabian Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and on the cruise business, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, & the Yachts of Seabourn.

TWASP is also the GSA for cargo for all the airline principals. We assist in its operations both for outgoing and incoming shipments.

Four (4) sales departments, with 101 employees streamlining its operations in a modern set-up, keep TWASP's simple business moving by accounting for all the needs of its clients. The Company has a service office in Cebu City & Davao City closely coordinating with the main office in Makati City.











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